How to’s: Sliding Images


Video Script:

Hello again everyone. This video will show you how to setup some sliding images on your home screen and actually attache tabs within the app to those sliding images.

So to do so, you wanna go to step 3 appearance, and to background images and then you’ll notice there’s three different sections. There’s mobile, which is for Android and iPhone 4, there’s iPhone5 for iPhone 5 and iPad for iPad.

Since the previews shows the iPhone5 we’re gonna work on that section. Want you’ll wanna do is go to the bottom screen down here, and you’ll notice that there’s a sledders, which what you can do is to click on the drop down menu, and there’s some images that I’ve already uploaded, and since this is going to be attached to the food ordering tab we’re gonna put this order food online image on there. We also put another one to so that you can see the slide. and then you may want to make sure over here that it is set to sliding or you can have it fade too.

Now to actually connect a tab to the sliding image, you want to check this top left icon and then go up here, and choose at the tab you’ve just created,which is the food order, then save those link settings, go ahead and close that and also be sure to save that background settings and go down here make sure it’s set.

Okay! We’ll gonna go to Step 4 preview, now you’ll notice that we have a sliding image setup. And then you click on the order food online sliding image tab and then it’ll bring to you right to the food ordering tab.

Ok great! Thanks!