How to’s: QR Coupons


Video Script:

Hi again everyone! This video is going to tell you how to setup and create a QR coupon Tab.

So, what you want to do is go to step 1 and add a  new tab. Go ahead and say for QR Coupon or name them whatever you want on the tab title. On Tab Function though, you may want to make sure it’s the QR Coupons Tab. Choose an icon, save your changes.

Then moving on to step two content, there’s the QR coupon tab we’ve just created. And we gonna add coupon here. So since this is for a bar, let’s say “Buy 4 drinks, get fifth free” or something like that. QR code can be really anything, when we view the code that’s what you’ll gonna see. You also want to choose the time frame of this, so, start date we’ll use todays date, If you want it to be ongoing, just let that end date blank, or if you want it for a week or so, you can set it up for 1 week, 2 weeks, however long you want.  Can be use again? yes. Basically means that once the user has redeemed the coupon tab it all restart and basically, can be used again.

So the check-in target amount, we’re gonna want that for four, cause they gotta buy four to get the fifth one for free. In hours before next check-in, that’s how long before they’re able to redeem the next node in the coupon. So basically how many times between the first time they use it between the second time , let’s say maybe 24 hours, they have to come back and use it… and the coupon is active.

On the coupon description will be once the coupon had been redeemed, this is want you’ll see. example. “Congratulations! Enjoy your 5th drink on us!” and you can add image too, save your changes.

If you didn’t choose an image, this will be just a template of one that will be put out for you. Let’s go ahead and preview that, Click on More, There’s our QR Coupon we just made. It’ll be locked. What we’ll do is click on scan but there’s no camera because it’s using the previewer tool on the website so, that’s about it!