How to’s: Home Screen Sub Tabs


Video Script:

Hello again everyone. This video is going to show you how to setup a home screen sub tabs that appears directly on the home screen for your app thereby making the the navigation for your users very simple.

What you wanna do is go to step 3 appearance. Here in appearance we come down here and go to layout, you’ll notice that there’s a sub tabs button and we have an option having to show only for iPad but we want to show for everything so we gonna leave that blank. Go ahead and add a new sub tab. We’re going to connect this to messages tab, go ahead and make the text anything you like, you also make a shadow to it too. Make sure you have it setup to their appropriate tab, let’s do messages for this one. Make sure it is active as well, and go ahead and click on an icon, and you can also upload a custom icon if you have one created, but we’re just gonna stick to the template and save those changes and there it is.

Let’s have one more. Let’s have this one go to the food ordering tab and we’ll make the text again, anything you’d like, go down here to food order make sure it is active, click on an icon, go ahead and save those changes, now there’s the two we’ve created. now let’s check them out.

Great! There’s the two tabs we’ve created, you can go ahead and click on messages, takes you right to the messages tab and same for the food order. thanks for watching everyone.