How to’s: Geo-Fence Push Notification


Video Script:

Hi everyone, this video is going to show you how to set up a geo-fenced push notification, this features will target app users who entered the fenced area in a designated active time. So you wanna gonna start in your messages center and type in step one the message that you wish to be shown in when they enter that area, then you’re gonna move to step two which is location settings and from this drop down do specific area users, then on this drop down geo-fence, then you can type in any address here maybe the business address, select enter and you’ll see that a triangle fenced area shows up you can adjust this to any shape or size that you wish, and then you can move to step three where you can link a content that you wish a website url, a tab or an offer, I’m gonna choose none for this then we’re gonna move to step four to publish and make sure you check this active until box then set the date you’d like the push notification to be send out until select done, and publish your message for send now. and then you successfully set up a geo-fenced push notification. thanks guys!