How to’s: Events Tab v2


Video Script:

This video is going to show you how to create an events tab with an events V2 function, so what you gonna do is go to step one functionality and add a new tab, gonna name this events, be sure to choose the tab function as event V2 make sure the tab is active, go ahead and choose an icon and save your changes, then were gonna head to step 2 check out the new event tab we just created, you could see that there is no events.

So, the auto one active option basically lets you choose if this box is clicked, that means once an event has passed, after two weeks the system is will go ahead and deactivate that actual event. Down here you can choose how you wanna view the events in the app either by day and time showing the most recent one first, or you can manually choose the order yourself. We are just gonna leave that Date/Time and then we’re gonna go ahead, we’re gonna add a single event.

Now since this is for a bar, we’re gonna ahead and maybe a live band is coming to town, let’s say that its a live band night. here’s a live music image you can add for your header that will show at the top of the listing of the event then choose the right date, let’s say it’s on friday night. Now on timing, it is on the 24 hour system so since at 7 o’clock you should choose that for 19:00. You can also choose for 5 minutes increments as well. Then go ahead in the end time, it’s gonna be on the same day, it’s gonna end at 11 o’clock so it’s gonna be on 23:00 hours. we’re gonna name it “Live mic Night”. and then down here you can actually be creative with it. For this example we’ll just keep it pretty simple say, live mic night 7-8pm whatever you like.  Maybe from 7-8 pm – open mic; 8 – 9 PM rock band; 9 -10 hip hop; 10-11 electronic music. Whatever you want.

This is the more details about event, sponsoring the band, who’s gonna be there, so on and so fort. This is were you can really edit the text, kind just like a word processing a menu bar, you can make it bold, italics, center it, change headings, the fonts, font size etc. Or you can also do is go up here to this page’s colors and just choose that, which might be easier and if you can also only want to change part of the text you can go ahead and highlight that, click on this text icon up here, let’s say we wanna make that color darker and a lighter background for example and there you see that it looks different.

Go ahead and save changes and you’ll see that there’s the live mic night. Also I wanna point out here, this where you can control if anyone left a comment about the event, they will show right here and you can go ahead and remove that if you don’t like the comment. You can see who’s going or if anyone have uploaded images or you can upload image yourself if wanna show more things about the band themselves or about the venue.

Ok let’s go ahead and add a recurring events. Now, recurring events these are going to populate themselves from week to week, now you would always have to choose the day of the week, let’s say it’s a happy hour special and it’s only on Fridays for example and choose the event time let’s say 15:00  5 hours. Name the event anything you like and make sure it’s active. And create a description and edit your texts for color etc. You can also add a header image (640x 270). save the changes and now we have our recurring events.

Here’s our two events, now let see the previews and checkout our two events.

There’s our two events, this is our friday night recurring events, and this is gonna populate from week to week and here’s the live mic night and you can also use this icon up here on the up right corner, you can add this to your mobile device native calendar and also you can click on that bubble on the bottom right and you can also share it on Facebook and twitter. great thanks for watching everyone.