How to’s: Creating a News Tab


Video Script:

In this video we are going to show you how to create any news tab within your app. We’re gonna start with step one functionality and add a new tab. We are going to title it “News” and then make sure you select a news tab and set an icon, save and you move to step two. You’ll see that your news tab is added at the bottom and if you scroll down you’ll see here that you have the option for Google news keywords, Twitter keywords and Facebook keywords. Depending on the title of your app it will auto populate some of the keywords that you suggest here, so just keep in mind that this are news articles that are pulled from this sites ,so the best way to see if this is going to search the article you’re looking for, is by going to google news, twitter and Facebook and typing in the keywords and phrases and seeing in if those were the articles you desire to be displays within your app.

So for this app we have Davine food and wine, and we are having all three platforms but for twitter I’m going to do #davine instead, cause I think that will find me some better results.

After you’re happy with all of your keywords here, and you kept in mind that this will pull all articles that contained all of the words and your phrase even if there’s spaces in between and not separate articles, then you can save your changes and also have the option to select the news feed widgets, this is one here. and basically it’s a scrolling banner that will appear at the bottom of the app and list off the news article one by one excluding Facebook since this will require the app users to first login before viewing the articles.

After you’ve done all this, you can save the changes, go back and assign a background image and then check out your app on your preview app to see what it looks like.