How to’s: Background Images


Video Script:

Hi there, in this video I’m going to show you how to assign background and slider images, on our new platform. Some things have change so hopefully this helps you navigate through this area a little bit better.

We’re gonna to start in step three appearance in background images, and as you normally would either select an image from our image gallery or upload image of your own. and make sure it appears here in your image gallery. on the left hand side you’ll see home screen, sliders and your tabs listed. and you’ll be able to see that they say “unassigned”, to sign one you’re gonna select a tab, then hit the check mark on the image you’d like to assign it to, and use the green floppy disk icon to save.

You’ll see then it change to a sign over here, and if ever choose to unassign it you can just hover over it see the trash icon were you can unassign the image. same thing goes for slider images and tab background images, you can assign your slider choose whatever one you’d like hit the save button, then go back then link that slider to the tabs within our apps. then moving on you’ll see iPhone 5 and iPad you can either upload different sizes here for your different images, or you can use the images from the mobile section by selecting this box, this will adjust all the images to fit the devices screen size. and make sure you saved after you made these changes and you’ll see that you’ve now assigned home screen and a slider image to images from your gallery.